Frequently Asked Questions

How many teachers will you have and who are they?
Will you provide Physical Education?
What about Special Education students?
Will there be uniforms?
Will there be monthly fundraisers?
Will you have a BSP and ASP (Before & After School Programs)?
How will we be expected to pay tuition – all at once, monthly, weekly or quarterly?
Will high schools take the credits if the kids stay only until the 8th grade?
Will you prepare students for standardized tests like SATs and MCAS?
What about a snack and/or lunch?
What is the length of the school day? When does school start and does it follow a typical high school schedule?
Will students be required to wear masks?
Does the high school program include all the core classes as well as electives?
Will the grades be mixed for high school classes?
What will you do about snow days?
What are the transportation costs?
What model are you offering – hybrid, in person or remote?
What is your curriculum?
What is the application process?