Our Staff

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Mead

Cynthia Ahearn


M.Ed, BS.Ed
Licensed Massachusetts Educator

Cynthia is a seasoned educator with over 40 years of public and private school experience as a teacher and as an administrator in Grades PreK–6. She combines a deep understanding of the learning process, especially in the early childhood grades PreK–2, with her dedication to helping each child find and develop their individual strengths for not only academic but lifelong success. Cynthia is a staunch supporter of project-based learning and outdoor education.

Monica Campbell


M.Ed, Secondary English Education; B.A., English
Licensed Massachusetts Educator

With over 20 years of experience, from middle school to college, Monica has worked with academically, ethnically, and socially diverse student groups. She feels strongly that exposure to new places and experiences greatly increases student engagement and learning. By breaking down traditional walls, Monica endeavors to find every student’s passion and subsequently use this knowledge to create individual paths for success.

Taking inspiration from her Head Start teacher, Mrs. Womack, Monica listens to her students, meets them where they are, and moves them ahead at their own pace. She believes that learning occurs best when students and teachers operate from a platform of reality, relationship, and respect. Monica knows her students well and understands that there is more to the student than what we see at school. She builds strong bonds and becomes a source of support and encouragement for students. Monica respects each student and expects the same in return.

Cynthia Sprow


M.Ed, Elementary and Special Needs
Licensed Massachusetts Educator

Cindi is the Director of Student Support for Gateways Academy. In this role, Cindi will work with both students and staff as they strive for excellence in the classroom. She is dedicated to helping each child to identify their learning style, to believe in themselves, and to become lifelong learners. Cindi’s passion is to inspire a classroom culture of success, founded in the belief that all students can achieve.

In her previous role, Cindi taught for 34 years as a special educator in public school. Her specialty is teaching struggling learners how to read. In addition, Cindi enjoys coaching teachers as they strive to help students reach their full potential. She serves as a mentor for both students and staff.

Cindi holds a Master of Education in both Elementary (k – 8) and Special Needs, initial licensure as a Special Education Administrator, Principal and Assistant Principal. She has earned a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Reading and has completed Wilson Language Training, Level II for both group and individual instruction.

Stacey Varney


Licensed Massachusetts Educator

A seasoned educator with over 20 years of experience in both public and private schools, Stacey brings with her experience in management, health care, athletics, and education. Her previous roles include Dean of Students, Teacher, Coach, Certified Athletic Trainer as well as Athletic Director and Health Coordinator.

Stacey is dedicated to helping each student reach their full potential both inside and outside of the classroom. She believes that students’ academic and personal success is individualized and specific which is why she is committed to incorporating good instruction, classroom management, various teaching styles in the classroom, and implementing necessary strategies and tools that will help them in their everyday lives.

Stacey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education and Athletic Training from the University Of Vermont as well as a Certification in Health/Family and Consumer Sciences.

In her free time, Stacey enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exercising, and traveling.

Gina Colorio


M.Div, B.A., English

Gina Colorio has been a home educator for 30 years, schooling her 10 children, several of whom were schooled through middle school. Gina’s heart is set on shepherding children of all ages and stages, abiding with them as they re-learn how to wonder about things, and grapple with the bigger questions of life.

Gina has had to learn many strategies to address the myriad personalities and learning styles inherent in a large family. She understands that it takes patience, devotion and sincerity on the part of the teacher to break down a student’s barriers that have been caused by learning differences, English as a second language, and/or emotional trauma.

What interests Gina most about education reform is how information is delivered to the student and how a student’s progress is measured. Gina believes the classroom is the place to put out the dots and empower the student to connect those dots and carry that picture with them into the world in which they dwell. Gina holds a BA degree in English from Assumption College, a Master of Divinity degree from Yale University, and a post graduate Merrill Fellowship from Harvard University, where she was influenced by the teachings of Robert Coles and Ron Heifitz.

Meghan Mathon


B.A., Psychology
Licensed Massachusetts Educator

Meghan has a BA in Psychology from Framingham State University and MA teacher’s certification for pre-k through 3rd grade. With over 20 years of classroom experience in both public and private school settings, Meghan has a comprehensive understanding of best practices, diverse learning styles, and differentiated instruction. She is a dynamic and collaborative team player with proven ability to work with cross-curricular, multidisciplinary teams to develop lifelong learners.

Meghan has a considerable background in reading using guided reading, close reading, and Wilson tutoring techniques. Meghan is certified in Fundations, Just Words, and Wilson Reading System Level 1 (steps 1-6) from Wilson Academy. She is driven by student success with a demonstrated history of ensuring all students are able to learn. Meghan uses a number of guided reading and literacy strategies, behavioral programs, parental involvement, along with community outreach, IEP development and implementation, classroom management, curriculum design, program leadership, and scaffolding instruction to ensure all of her students are able to reach their fullest potential.

Rebecca Hajj


B.Ed, B.S.
Licensed Massachusetts Educator

Before joining Gateways Academy, Rebekah taught for 7 years in both public and private schools in Massachusetts. Her experience in upper elementary and S.T.E.M instruction serve her well in her current role as our Lead Science Instructor. She works with our team to design project-based, hands-on learning opportunities that involve collaboration between the various grade levels in our school.

Rebekah has a B.Ed. and B.S. in Biblical Studies from Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania. She is certified as a Grades 1–6 teacher in Massachusetts.

Sarah (Sally) Lividini


Licensed to teach K-12 Art Education

University of Pittsburgh, BFA; M.Ed, Art Institute of Boston/Carnegie Melon University

Sarah Lividini is a retired Massachusetts art teacher. She worked at the Museum Partnership School in Fitchburg with Middle School Students and in the Shrewsbury Public Schools at both the Middle School and Elementary level.  

She was on the core committee for the Museum Partnership Focus School with Lincoln Center Institute of N.Y. and worked with teaching artists to develop curriculum around drama and musical presentations from Lincoln Center. While teaching in Shrewsbury Sarah traveled to China and India with other teachers to better understand the cultural and political landscape of these important countries. On returning she worked with staff and parents on festivals celebrating the Chinese and Indian traditions. In 2011 she received the Elementary Art Teacher of the Year Award from the M.E.A.E. She currently teaches children’s classes at the Worcester Art Museum.

Jadira Bukoski

Teacher, Prekindergarten Specialist

Jadira decided to go into Early Education after having four kids and realizing she enjoyed educating them through real life experiences.  She has been teaching PK for the last four years in various private school settings.

Jadira enjoys working with young children and watching them grow and develop. She strives to create a positive, nurturing, and stimulating environment. She is always looking for new and creative ways to engage children in learning and adapting to their needs.

Kellyann Lorusso

Teacher, Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Specialist

Kellyann decided to go into Early Childhood Education after being very involved in the education process of her four sons. She is a firm believer in teaching the whole child and making learning fun in hopes to ignite a spark of excitement and foster a love of learning. 

Kellyann volunteered for the Worcester Public Schools for many years and later went on to teach in an after school program in a private school.  She also worked as a paraeducator in both Kindergarten and Prekindergarten classrooms which led her to teaching Prekindergarten.  Kellyann taught as a Prekindergarten teacher in a private school setting for five years. 

Kathy I. LeBoeuf

Teacher, Music and Introduction to Coding

B. Mus Ed
M. Mus Ed
Licensed Massachusetts and New York Educator

Kathy is a lifelong learner.

It all started with playing the violin in 1969. Thanks to her cousin, who was playing violin in the high school orchestra, Kathy aspired to play the violin. This love of string instruments continued to New England Conservatory of Music where she earned her Bachelor of Music Education degree. She and her husband then began the greatest accomplishment of her life, her family. Two daughters, numerous pets, a son-in-love and a grandson fill out the family so far. After her daughters graduated college and grad school, Kathy earned her Master of Music Education from Kent State University. Between college degrees, Kathy undertook training in Suzuki violin, Suzuki double bass and orchestral conducting, First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfège, Technology in Music Education to name a few. She is an enthusiastic and dedicated educator with over 40 years experience in public and private schools, students ranging in age from preschool through high school.

Kathy was introduced to a computer by her then second grade daughter. That one experience spurred her into learning how to use a computer. As a self-taught user, she eventually became a Technology Teacher Leader in an elementary school, assisting other teachers with technology issues. Wanting to broaden her knowledge, she enrolled in an online bootcamp to learn coding.  She used that learning to teach coding using the national “Girls Who Code” program at the Shrewsbury Public Library.

Kathy believes in the power of creativity in music, coding and life. When students create, using the tools and knowledge they have accumulated, the students’ lives and the world around them is forever changed.

Suzanne Vashugin


M.Ed, Elementary

Suzanne has over thirty years of experience teaching. Most of it has been in public schools, but also she has taught two years in a catholic school and eight months abroad in Lubertsy, Russia. The majority of her teaching has been in reading and math on the elementary level, but she has also taught ESL for six years as a Tutor/Teacher, and taught reading in junior high as a reading specialist.

Suzanne has certification in Elementary Education (k-6) from Worcester State University, a Masters of Education with a concentration in Reading (k-12) from George Mason University and ELL endorsement (prek-12). Also, she graduated from Assumption College with a major in Social and Rehabilitation Services and a minor in Studio Arts.

Suzanne loves to get to know her students and find out the best ways to help them learn and enjoy reading and math. She adapts her instruction to meet students’ individual needs. Suzanne provides visuals in her classroom to aid students in remembering skills and creates fun activities and games to practice those skills.

In her spare time, Suzanne enjoys walking her dog, “Misha,” reading fiction, writing early chapter books, drawing and playing pickle ball. She is very happy to be teaching at Gateways Academy, and looks forward to seeing the growth of each one of her students.

Kathleen Mitchell


M.Ed.; Bachelor of Arts Spanish; Bachelor of Arts Political Science

Mrs. Mitchell fell in love with language learning in the 7th grade.  Her passion for Hispanic language and culture grew after an 11 month long college study abroad opportunity in Cuenca, Ecuador.  She lived with a family and learned the language and culture first hand. In addition, she received a scholarship to study and live with a family for 3 weeks in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Señora Mitchell has over 25 years of experience teaching Spanish in the public schools and is MA certified in Spanish, Pre-K through Grade 12. She has taught and tutored students of all ability levels in Spanish I-V Honors and is excited to expose the Gateways students to Spanish through a variety of methods.  Students will learn songs, play games and complete activities to help with pronunciation and practice.  Communication skills will be encouraged and participation is the key to success!

In 2018 and 2020, she led student trips to Spain and Costa Rica. She has had the opportunity to return to Ecuador on multiple occasions to visit and introduce her husband and sons to her Ecuadorian “family” and friends.  Other countries visited include Italy, Scotland, Canada, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

A former fitness instructor and competitor, Mrs. Michell likes to work out in her spare time.  She also likes to spend time with her friends and family, volunteer, thrift, read and is currently learning to knit! She looks forward to her Tuesdays and Thursdays at Gateways!