Why Gateways?


Grow: Given that student development occurs differently for each learner, we meet each learner where he/she is and advance learning from that starting place.


Achieve: Everyone can and will accomplish and succeed, particularly in an environment where student interest is paramount and drives the learning.


Think: Through inquiry and critical thought, students’ interests are sparked to increased learning and exploration.


Explore: Engagement is strengthened during the process of looking beyond the textbook, in a hands-on, experiential and collaborative mode of learning.


Wonder: Restoring a sense of curiosity and expectation in learning gives learners a greater desire to know more.


Apply: Students practice in real-life situations through the multi-age cohort and school-wide collaboration.


Youth: Personal, social, and emotional development can vary greatly. Allowing students to “be kids” and “enjoy the present” are important elements for success.


Serve: Awareness of the needs of others in our school community, neighborhood, region, and beyond creates a broadened life perspective for our students.